Greece, Record 68 % of country’s total electricity consumption on 2 April was met by renewable energy sources

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CEO of Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE Manos Manousakis said that a record 68 % of Greece’s total electricity consumption on 2 April was met by renewable energy sources.

Manousakis stressed that the continuous development of electricity infrastructure and the integration of new technologies in the energy system, such as battery storage, are crucial factors for a deeper integration of RES, adding that RES installed capacity would reach 29 GW by 2030.

He pointed out that Greece has achieved one of the best performances in Europe in terms of absorption rates of new RES. The installed capacity in renewable energy sources currently amounts to 9 GW, the reserved margin for new projects is 10 GW, while requests submitted since the beginning of 2021 amount to another 19 GW.

Regarding the electricity interconnections with neighboring countries, Manousakis pointed out that the tender for the new interconnection with Bulgaria has been completed, while a second interconnection is being launched with Italy. ADMIE is also planning the undersea interconnection with Cyprus and Egypt, as well as two new interconnections with Turkey and Albania, and the upgrade of the existing interconnection with North Macedonia.

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