Greece: RES auction for Crete power capacity

, SEE Energy News

Renewable energy auction will most likely be held by the end of the year, or even in early 2021.This auction will offer 100 MW in solar and 100 MW in wind power capacity on the Greek island of Crete

According to a study of Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), Crete‟s network for wind and solar energy is currently saturated and will not be ready for the intake of new capacities. However, another study by electricity transmission system operator ADMIE claims that additional 180-200 MW of renewable capacity could be absorbed by the island‟s network, once its interconnection with the mainland is commissioned.

RAE plans to offer 100 MW in wind power and additional 100 MW for solar energy projects, both at a starting price of 30 euros/MWh. Crete is rated as an area of very high RES potential, especially for wind and solar projects. These favorable conditions support further renewable energy development at the lowest possible cost and minimum burden on consumers. Crete‟s energy security has developed into a major issue and national priority as a result of the implementation of strict EU carbon emission limits requiring the withdrawal of high-polluting units as of the end of 2020.