Greece, RES auctions to be extended until 2025

, SEE Energy News

Greek new renewable energy supports scheme, which is currently being discussed with the European Commission, is expected to maintain the current system of 20-year tariffs offered through the RES auctions, which will run until 2025 instead of 2023, as it was initially envisaged.

The new auctions will be mixed, with the participation of both solar and wind energy producers, but wind developers will be entitled to at least 30 % of capacity offered at each auction. The country’s original RES auction plan had
proposed 6 RES auctions each offering 350 MW for a total of 2.1 GW, but this total is now expected to be raised to at least 3 GW.

RES tariffs remunerating output have fallen considerably at recent RES auctions, driven lower by the intensified competition.

Also, the plan appears likely to include special geographically based RES auctions covering areas such as the islands of Crete, Evia and the Cyclades, as well as provisions for small-scale solar installations.