Greece: Retroactive charge for electricity suppliers for ADMIE discrepancies

, SEE Energy News

Retroactive charges are particularly hard for medium-voltage traders as profit margins in this sector are extremely narrow and the competition is intense.

Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE has retroactively charged electricity suppliers a total amount of some 45 million euros for account discrepancies between November 2019 and April 2020.

These retroactive charges were met with huge dissatisfaction among the suppliers, who already informed the Ministry of Energy about the issue and are expecting its intervention for a solution to the problem. However, the charges for each supplier have been calculated in accordance with market shares, so state-controlled PPC is accounted for the majority of the 45 million euros.

Suppliers are preparing to challenge ADMIE’s retroactive charges for the six month period by contending they result from miscalculations that have not factored in RES production, specifically that of roof-mounted solar panels.