Greece, Revised NECP envisages storage capacity at 3 GW by 2030

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Greek revised National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) envisages doubling the previous target for battery storage capacity by 2030 to 3 GW, in an effort to increase the share of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

According to Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas, the previous energy storage capacity target of 1.5 GW was moved to 2025, so that additional energy storage projects may be installed during the latter half of the decade.

The revised NECP will also set a higher target for RES installations – 25 GW, from the previous objective of 18.9 GW.

Investors are expected to receive a total of 450 million euros from the Energy Transition Fund as support for the first wave of RES projects to be installed by 2025.

Greek RES installed capacity amounted to 10.1 GW at the end of 2020, which will need to be increased by a further 10 GW by 2030, if the Fit for 55 target is to be met. However, the construction of new RES capacities will have to go hand in hand with electricity network upgrades. Electricity transmission system operator ADMIE estimates that planned transmission network upgrades will enable RES units with a total capacity of 28.5 GW to operate by 2030.

The applications submitted by RES investors for the connection of their projects to the network have already exceeded the planned connection capacities for 2030 by some 10 GW.

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