Greece: Rooftop and solar battery storage support scheme launched

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The Greek Government has officially launched a 238 million euro worth support scheme for households and farmers. It will offer subsidies for the installation of rooftop solar systems.

The applications started on May 2. The deadline is set for the end of June 2024 or until the available resources are exhausted.

Households are required to install a battery storage system along with rooftop solar panels. Farmers have the option not to add the storage component.

Eligible solar projects should be up to 10.8 kW in capacity and the batteries should have a storage capacity of up to 10.8 kWh. Subsidies for households range from 45 to 75% of the total project’s cost, depending on their income, with up to 16,000 euros per individual project. Farmers will be able to receive funding to cover between 40 and 60% of their investment, but no more than 10,000 euros.

Of the 238 million euros budget, 45 million euros are earmarked for vulnerable households, with 30 million euros allocated for farmers’ support.

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