Greece, Subsidies for electricity and gas for May – 600 million euros

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Subsidies for electricity and gas, which cover the consumption of households, professionals and companies, will most likely remain at the same level as in the previous month, which will result in the value of the support package reaching close to 600 million euros.

The government in Athens is expected to officially present its subsidy package for May in the next few days.

Levels of wholesale electricity prices in Greece rose moderately between March and April. The average price from the beginning of the month to April 26 is over 242 euros per MWh, which is slightly more than the average for March (272.68 euros per MWh).

If subsidies remain at the same level in May, households consuming up to 300 kWh of electricity can expect monthly subsidies of about 72 euros.

Professionals should receive 130 euros per MWh, while small and medium-sized enterprises can expect around 230 euros per MWh to supply up to 25 kVA.

Subsidies for natural gas for households should amount to 40 euros per MWh.


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