Greece: Three big industrial consumers left PPC

, SEE Energy News

Large industrial electricity consumers are leaving the state-controlled supplier branch of the Public Power Corporation (PPC). The largest electricity consumer in the country, with average annual consumption of 3 TWh, Aluminium of Greece,  is already partially supplied by other suppliers, Protergia and Watt+Volt. Aluminium producer launched a push towards full independence from PPC by utilizing the renewable energy portfolio of its subsidiaries.

At the same time, metals producer Viohalco Group, with annual consumption of 1.4 TWh, has also left PPC and is now supplied by Heron. The company is seeking to procure electricity from solar power plants operated by Terna Energy.

Oil refiner Helleniq Energy (former Hellenic Petroleum) has also left PPC and is supplied by Elpedison. The next big player to switch suppliers could be Titan Cement, with annual consumption of 0.5 TWh. Titan’s contract with PPC expires in June and the cement producer is already seeking alternatives, with Heron and Protergia as contenders.

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