Hungary, Annual report HUDEX – volume 10.2 TWh in 2022.

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The liquidity of Hungarian electricity futures on the HUDEX derivatives exchange in 2022 increased by 10% compared to the previous year, to 10,228,993 MWh. The volume in 2021 was 11,303,991 MWh, according to the annual report of the stock exchange operator.

The average daily volume of trade in 2022 was 40,271 MWh, while the highest daily volume was achieved on December 15 – 40,271 GWh.

The exchange volume decreased by 85% year-on-year, to 398,520 MW, compared to 2.7 GWh in 2021.

The highest final settlement price (FSP) was recorded in August – 495.29 euros per MWh. By month, it amounted to:

in January – 204.77 euros per MWh;
in February – 194.27 euros per MWh;
in March 285.58 euros per MWh;
in April – 189.18 euros per MWh;
in May – 204.84 euros per MWh;
in June – 236.79 euros per MWh;
in July – 371.75 euros per MWh;
in August – 495.29 euros per MWh;
in September – 391.95 euros per MWh;
in October – 193.94 euros per MWh;
in November – 222.74 euros per MWh; and
in December – 261.15 euros per MWh.

When it comes to quarterly products, the final settlement price for the first quarter of 2022 was EUR 293.22 per MWh, for the second quarter EUR 260.77 per MWh, for the third quarter EUR 340.63 per MWh and for the fourth quarter EUR 511.39 euro per MWh.

The annual product for delivery in 2023 reached a price of EUR 256.91 per MWh, according to HUDEX’s annual report.