Hungary, Croatia: MOL INA shuts down Sisak refinery ?

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Croatian Minister of Economy Tomislav Panenic said that he believes that without the agreement of the two largest shareholders in oil company INA – the Croatian state and the Hungarian MOL, it is inappropriate to make decision such as the one regarding the transportation of crude oil from Sisak to Rijeka refinery, which could be an indication on the closure of oil refinery in Sisak.

Last week, INA’s workers’ union warned that in early July MOL plans to transport crude oil from Sisak to the refinery in Rijeka for processing, which could lead to the closure of Sisak refinery. According to the media, Executive Director of Refining and Marketing at INA Bengt Oldsberg ordered the transportation of crude oil in order to plan the realization of the decommissioning of the refinery and its impact on business plan for the next year.

Minister Panenic pointed out that during his meeting with the Management and Supervisory Boards at INA, the possible transport of oil from Sisak to Rijeka was discussed, as well as the activities in order to protect the interest of INA and its workers.

Asked whether the Government has a plan regarding the activities in Sisak refinery in the next 3-6 months, Minister Panenic replied that there is no risk that the company will not be able to make decisions or represent the interest of the Croatian state. He reminded that the Government has already extended the mandate of the current members of INA’s Management Board and appointed new members of the company’s Supervisory Board. Therefore, it was agreed that the Croatian interests in INA are well protected, transmits