Hungary, Croatia: MOL Set Conditions to Croatia Gov over Rijeka refinery

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MOL conditions modernization of oil refinery Rijeka with the return of tax previously overcharged.

MOL has set several conditions to the state which should be fulfilled if the state wants this company to modernize the refinery in Rijeka, which has been Mol’s obligation anyway according to the Shareholder Agreement.

MOL wants the overpaid tax from the Linić era to be returned to Ina, the transport of domestic oil through the Janaf oil pipeline to the refinery in Rijeka to be ensured by the end of 2016 and they want the state to undertake not to impose, in the next 20 years, any new taxes, duties or legal obligations aimed exclusively at the business operations of Ina and its plants, the Globe reports. Such demands are included in the draft agreement that Ina’s executives sent to the Ministry of Economy at the end of last year. The modernization of the refinery in Rijeka is worth three billion kunas and, with the unfinished modernization of the refinery in Sisak, it is the most contentious point in the relations between MOL and the state. The conclusion of modernization of OR Rijeka is constantly postponed, and the state accuses MOL of deliberately hindering this project. Ina has not proposed the closing down of OR Sisak, but it is indicative that, according to this version, in the future, domestic oil would be processed in Rijeka, and not in Sisak as it has been so far. Ina’s trade unions have stated on various occasions that, according to their information, MOL wants to close the refinery in Sisak by the end of 2016, transmits