Hungary, Day-ahead gas price 75.4 euros per MWh on Wednesday

, SEE Energy News

The weighted average day-ahead gas price on the regional gas market, the Hungarian CEEGEX exchange, for delivery on Wednesday, December 28, 2022, continued its downward trend for the third week in a row, at EUR 75.41 per MWh. For the sake of comparison, the average price on December 9 was 140 euros per MWh, which is the highest level recorded in this month and has been in almost continuous decline since then.

At the same time, the trade volume was more than halved in the previous three weeks, and amounted to 41,784 MWh on Wednesday, compared to 103,704 MWh on December 9, according to the data of the stock exchange operator.

The maximum volume in this month was achieved on December 14 – 122,592 MWh, but in the last 10 days it did not exceed 66,000 MWh.

The average day-ahead price in the previous seven days (December 22-28) is around 88.8 euros per MWh.

According to the latest CEEGEX report, for November 2022, the total monthly trade volume was 3.64 GWh, which is 0.6 TWh more than the same month last year. This can be attributed to lower prices on CX compared to prices on TTF and CEGH.

Total gas imports to Hungary decreased in November, while exports increased. At the same time, the withdrawal of gas from storage began, as a result of increased consumption due to lower temperatures.