Hungary, December contract on HUDEX drops to 303 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

On the Hungarian electricity derivatives exchange HUDEX, a strong fluctuation of futures prices is noticeable, with a tendency to fall.

Thus, during the trading session on November 9, the contract for delivery in December 2022 was traded for 302.96 euros per MWh, while the price on October 28 was 394.43 euros per MWh (which is the highest level recorded in the previous month). and on October 25 – 285.15 euros per MWh.

The contract for the first quarter of 2023 recorded a sharp drop, to EUR 354.99 per MWh on the trading day of November 9, compared to EUR 477.85 per MWh on October 28. It is still significantly less compared to 525.8 euros per MWh during the trading session on October 12.

When it comes to the contract for a year ahead, prices also fell significantly, from 467.83 euros per MWh on October 12 to 354.87 euros per MWh.