Hungary: MOL may be halted to close its Croatia refineries due to the new energy act

, SEE Energy News

Hungary Oil company, which owns Croatia Oil Industry HINA, complained to EU Commission on the new Croatia energy law, specifically article 4 of new law under which all refineries and other energy infrastructure which have national importance for the state has to be maintained in line with Energy strategy of Croatia. This means that MOL as owner of HINA is obliged to maintain, technologically improve and modernize its HINA facilities in line with Energy strategy.

MOL complained to EU Commission as they are revoked the right as owners to decide on potential closure of refineries or facilities which are not financially justified. EUC already asked Croatia inofficialy about this topic and issue with MOL and new Energy law.

MOL planed for 2014 to shut down Sisak refinery, Rijeka refinery closure is also under preparations already. MOLs representatives stated several times that its Croatia refineries are not capacity optimal and that MOL is thinking about the closure of Sisak refinery.

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