Hydro power plants announcements in Albania, investment opportunities for concessions

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The Albanian ministry of economy, trade and energy will issue in july announcements for construction of several hydro power plants. According to the ministry announcement the projects will be offered to investors within the scope of current concession matrix.

According to the first informations from Ministry starting from 18 july the invitation for Hydro power plants with concessions will be offered for locations of Shkpet on river Mat, HPP Malindi on river Osum, HPP Runje and HPP Changonj in surroundings of Korche.

Interested companies beside the purchase of the documentation have to pay a 2% of project value in which they are interested in.

Albania, once a net exporter of electricity, has been unable to keep pace with increasing domestic demand. Power outages are common. Many parts of the country, including Tirana, the capital, suffer from extended daily outages. Hydropower accounts for more than 90% of total electricity, yet existing hydropower plants date back to the 1970s. Albania has not invested in any types of new power plants since 1985. Despite good GDP growth and a reformist government, Albania has been unable to attract international investors for large infrastructure projects.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine