Hydro power plants in Republika Srpska might not reach the production plans

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According to the officials from hydro power plants of Republika Srpska, their production plans might not be fulfilled this year. Due to the weather conditions water reserves are low and weather estimation for this year is not quite suitable for hydro companies. Still hydro power plants electricity is expected to take leading role in winter months while power plants will secure electricity supply until then. Shortages are expected which opens the opportunity for traders.

According to Nedeljko Kesic, director of hydro power plant on Vrbas river first months of this year were very bad while april and may were better for production. In june the situation is different as water flow is minimal. Estimations for this year production plans are influenced by water flows and might be hard to fulfill the projected production quantities. All hydro power plants will be expecting snow melting by end of the year as well as the usual rain period.

Blagota Markovic, executive director for system management in hydro power plants company Trebisnjica said that plan completion will depend from autumn weather conditions but also from completion of overhaul in hydro power plant Dubrovnik which should be finised by end of September.

Visegrad hydro power plants company director Milutin Baranac said that rain is not expected by November and all this months will be dry, however there are reserves in accumulation of hydro power plant Piva so the production plans for this enterprise might not be in danger.

Hydrological situation, draughts expected during summer until November will be a big challenge for energy system of Republika Srpska, hydro power plants will take their leading role in winter months.

Source; Nezavisne