Improving the mining industry in Serbia, conference report 2013

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Fourth symposium with international participation “Mining 2013” (Plans for development  and improvement of mining), held at Silver Lake from 28 to 31 may, brought together national and international experts from the mining science, practice and related activities, as well as representatives from industry, relevant ministries and local governments. Professional gathering provide an opportunity to share new experiences and knowledge of technological developments required for the progress of the mining sector.

“Mining 2013” was organized by the Economy Chamber of Serbia and the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy  from Bor. Beside them, in the organization also  took part Mining Basin “Kolubara”, TE “Kostolac”, RTB Bor, Mining Institute from Zemun, JPKP “Kosovo Obilić”, JP PEU “Resavica” and Concern Farmakom MB from Šabac. The event was supported by the Ministry of energy, development and the environmental protection, Ministry of natural resources, mining and spatial planning and the Ministry of education, science and technological development.

During the introductory speeches mr Tomislav Šubaranović, state secretary of the Ministry of natural resources, mining and spatial planning, spoke about the importance of mineral resources that Republic of Serbia dispose of, also about the development and improvement of mining at the state level. Slobodan Marković, executive director of “Kolubara”, said that “Kolubara” is the backbone of Serbian electricity production, since it produces about 30 million tons of coal, of which during the year is produced in the further process more than 50 percent of electricity in Serbia. In front of the Economy Chamber of Serbia also spoke dr Miroslav Ignjatovic, advisor, and vice president Raša Ristivojević. To the audience also discoursed Dragan Jovanović, director of TE “Kostolac”.

The multidisciplinary congress included many and varied mining topics. It was discussed of issues of exploitation of mineral resources, need for building new facilities and the revitalization of existing ones, attracting foreign investment, improving the business environment, environmental protection.

During the plenary session, great public attention  attracted the exposure of Slobodan Marković who spoke about the development projects of “Kolubara” in the future, presenting work that have done mr Branko Petrovic, deputy director of “Kolubara” for investment, development and improvement of the production, the director of “Kolubara” Milorad Grčić  and Mihailo Petrović, deputy director.

After basic data, exploitation is currently performed on four open pits – “Field B”, “Field D”, “Tamnava West Field” and “Veliki Crljeni.” Over next years it is planned opening of “Field G”, “Field E” and “Radljevo.” To open these mines it is planned to be invested 120-150 million per year. As explained Marković, money is needed to revitalize the equipment, expanding of “Field D” in the zone of Vreoci, crossing over “Field B” in the “C” and opening of “Field E” and mine “Radljevo.” The executive director also reminded of the “Improvement of the environmental protection of Kolubara”, a project worth 181 million euros, whose funding is provided by loans of banks EBRD and KfW, bilateral assistance of the German government and the participation of EPS.

– In the previous period in “Kolubara” have not been invested enough resources, while much more have been invested in the power plants. And they have much better utilization. “Kolubara” is currently in deficit of three million tons of coal, but we hope that through the investments that problem will be overcome and that we will continue to fulfill obligations to the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” – said Marković.

Like in previous years, the experts of “Kolubara” this time too actively participated in the symposium. The main mining engineer of open pits Dragan Arsenijević and coal technologist on “Field D” Ljiljana Ristovski presented themselves by work about the discovery and excavation of coal blocks in the southern slope of the north wing on “Field D”. Representative of the Australian company Borovac International Miloljub Grbović presented the project of coal cleaning, through the work that he wrote with lead engineer for burning coal in TENT Milenko Spasojevic and Jelenko Mićić, project manager of “Kolubara”.

Jadranka Vukašinović, director of Section for   research and development activities, together with leading project designer of the branch “Project” Marina Vučković and Bojana Tasovac, representative of australian company Borovac International, analyzed the possibility of using ballast substances that are overtaken in excavation of delamination layers from bunk “Tamnava West Field”. About the open pit “Kruševica” and utilization of mineral resources spoke the main engineer of the “Project” Bogoljub Vučković, based on the work that he wrote with colleagues from the “Project” Dusko Nešić and Vesna Krstić, as well as Zvonko Belaćević, director of Section for investment and improvement technological process of  “Open pits”. Mr Miodrag Kezović, director of the Department of operational geology on “Western Field”, in proceedings introduced himself with the work “Defining the quality parameters of the Kolubara coal in a particular part of the bunk”.  Forestry engineers Aleksandar Rakić and Vladislav Vasiljević with landscape architect Zoran Racić, in front of “Kolubara-Services”, published a work about the part recultivation of overburden landfills on “Tamnava Western Field”.

-Each symposium gives some results. Professional knowledge and achievements are very important in solving the issues of exploitation, recultivation, relocation of infrastructure … It’s necesary that we in “Kolubara” also apply them – estimated Marković on this year’s symposium, who also, during the final part, proposed that on the state and local levels should be shorten permissions and agreement procedures in the preparation of project documentation for infrastructure objects.