Jadarite *kryptonite* mineral reserves in Loznica

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Loznica has the biggest jadarite mineral reserves in Europe, confirmed the geological survey completed recently. Exploration and processing of jadarite minerals will influence the local economic development of Loznica, as well as all west Serbia, stated Loznica mayor Mr.Vidoje Petrovic. Commenting on survey results provided by Australian company Rio Tinto the exploration of this mineral will bring overall mining industry development in Serbia.

Petrovic also stressed the important cooperation between Rio Tinto and local municipality, naming the company as very socially responsible company.

The start of exploration is expected very soon, new mine opening would bring 1000 new jobs in the area but also business networking of local economy in Loznica.

Rio Tinto acting within the obtained concession for mining exploration realized the survey near Loznica and found mineral named jadarit, the mineral which contains lithium and bor, which was announced in 2007 as important world founding.

Kryptonite ( jadarit) was found by Rio Tinto local subsidiary company Rio Sava.

As it was announced in National Assembly of Serbia, in related board for mining, the reserves in Loznica area are around 220 tons and according to estimations the mine opening could start in 2014 and would have strong impact on Serbia.

According to experts analysis results practical usage of jadarit mineral is possible in electronics, medicine, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, military and space technology.

Source Serbia-energy