“Kolubara” negotiates buying mining equipment from Swedish Company “Sandvik”

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Conversations about conditions in part of new BTO system supply for the surface pit ”Polje C” are being finished  in administration of surface pit “Tamnava – Zapadno Polje”.

Complete project, called “Contribution to protection and improvement of environment in coal basin “Kolubara”, is 154 million EUR worth. Assets for mining equipment supply are provided from EBRD and KWH banks’ credits.

Negotiations for capacity disposer 8.800 m3/s were on timetable after signing the contract. Representatives of “Elektroprivreda Srbije”, mine “Kolubara” agreed details with contractor swedish “Sandvik” company, one of the world leading companies in sale of mining equipment.

Planned deadline for finishing the work is 2 years and eight months since the day of signing the contract.

Signing the contract is expected to happen until the half of May, this year.

Source;Serbia Energy/RBK