Macedonia: Electricity price increase foe 3,47%

, SEE Energy News

From July 1st consumers in Macedonia pay higher electricity price for 3, 47%, according to the decision of the Regulatory Energy Commission.

According to the decision, households with a single tariff meter will pay 0.07 EUR per kWh, a household with dual tariff meter 0.09 EUR for daily electricity and 0.05 EUR for nighttime electricity.

The main reason for the price increase is the increasing costs of energy companies and liberalization, which will come into effect after January 1st. Gasoline and diesel fuel in Macedonia has increased for 2,3%.

Euro super BS-95 now costs 1, 34 EUR per liter, and the euro diesel 1, 29 EUR. Cigarettes are more expensive for 0.08 EUR per pack, and this is the result of the adopted legal amendments with a periodic increase of excises in 2023rd.

According the State Statistical Institute, the average net salary in Macedonia in April was 343 EUR.

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