Macedonia: EVN accused of fixing households bills

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Electric utility company EVN Macedonia has found very innovative ways to deal with lower profit as a result of cheaper electricity prices. To ensure their profit as at maximum levels, the Austrian company creates fictitious electric bills, some of which date back to to 1981 despite the fact EVN Macedonia exists only since 2006. These bills are then sent to costumers, according the reports of local medias.

One of those customers is Eli Kostovska who received an electric bill from 1981 for the month of July where she is asked to pay 400 “dinars”. EVN Macedonia even used the currency from Yugoslavia, however for ‘convenience’ is asking customers to pay in today’s currency, denars.

– EVN is no different than any racketeer who comes to a small business with a baseball bat. They are creating fictitious bills from time period when the company didn’t exist asking for money even though those bills are paid. EVN goes back 30+ years in the hope customers haven’t kept receipts – says Kostovska.

Customers have gone to EVN’s offices to complain, however are threatened by representatives of the company who tell them they should simply pay the 400 denars, because if they were to sue the company it would cost them 800 denars to file court papers.

This mafia style approach by EVN seems to be working with many customers paying these fictitious bills rather than suing the company in Court.

Latest by the EVN ‘innovation’ center is to simply charge customers for electricity usage they haven’t actually used. There has been cases of numerous people coming back from vacations, or being absent extended period of time with their monthly electric bills reaching whopping 200 euros.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/MINA

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