Macedonia, Government has granted a status of strategic investment to two solar projects

, SEE Energy News

The Government of North Macedonia said that it has granted a status of strategic investment to another two solar projects totaling 155 MW.

Renewable Power International will build am 85 MW solar power plant in Karbinci municipality, an investment worth some 63 million euros, while HEC Solar will build 70 MW solar power plant, worth some 53 million euros, in Pehcevo municipality. Both of these companies are Bulgarian owned.

In late November, French renewable energy company Akuo Energy is planning to invest up to 270 million euros in the construction of solar power plant Stipion with installed capacity of between 350 and 400 MW. In September, the Government of North Macedonia has granted the status of a strategic projects to 415 MW wind farm Virovi developed by German wpd and 80 MW solar power plant Erdzelija developed by EFT.