Macedonia: MEPSO seeking consultant for Macedonia-Albania interconnection

, SEE Energy News

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Macedonian electricity transmission system operator MEPSO have published an invitation for the expression of interest for providing consulting services for the project for the construction of electricity transmission line between Macedonia and Albania.

According to the procurement notice, the consultancy contract will start on 1 May 2018 and will last for 40 months. The funding is provided by the EBRD and the deadline for the application is 22 December 2017.

MEPSO has already established a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) and intends to engage a consulting firm to provide organizational and technical assistance and services to the client to ensure the successful completion of the Project in accordance with the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) and with all EBRD requirements stipulated in the Loan Agreement.

MEPSO is in charge of the construction of the Macedonian section of 400 kV transmission line BitolaElbasan between Macedonia and Albania, which would be the first interconnection between the two countries. Total cost of the project (Macedonian side) is estimated at 49 million euros.