Macedonia: NGOs and civil networks against HPPs in Mavrovo

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Environmental organizations managed to get 16,000 signatures against the construction of hydropower ” Boškov Bridge ” and ” Lukovo Pole” National Park ” Mavrovo ” .

The petition was open to public debate on a controversial project to build a hydroelectric plant , which was held last Thursday in Skopje . The forum was attended by hundreds of people who first exchanged views with representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning , scientists , environmental organizations .

Citizens and environmentalists seeking to stop the project because they fear that it will negatively impact the environment in the national park and would divert the river Radica . The government stressed the importancy of hydro power project, which could reduce the country’s dependence on imported electricity . However , the government  insisted that the project will not be realized if the previous studies show that it is harmful to the environment .

The construction of the hydro power plant also have opposition in neighboring Albania , given the fact that HPP should be built near the common border .

” Lukovo Pole ” financing should come  World Bank with 62MEUR, and ” Boškov Bridge ” to be financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development .

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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