Macedonia: Power company ELEM present 60MEUR heating project of Bitola

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General Director of JSC ELEM Dejan Boškovski accompanied by his associates , in Bitola unveiled heating project in Pelagoniski municipalities .

At a press conference said that the project Boškovski Heating Bitola is one of the priority projects of JSC ELEM which will be completed this fall , followed by a tendering .

– Today I have presented on the route that will pass the main pipeline distribution network throughout the city of Bitola , substations that will come from thermal energy to households and other open questions to solve in cooperation with the local government , said Boškovski .

The physical realization of the heating of Bitola will begin at the start of 2015 , and the benefits will be felt in 2017 when every household could use heat from REK Bitola .

– The initial planned investments amount to around 60 million euros that we comply KfW bank that will support this project . We expect the law to be borrowing passed by parliament in November which will be confirmed funding for the project , said Boškovski .

According to the mayor of the municipality of Bitola Vladimir Taleski Heating project is strategically and directly affect the environment .

– This project promised the citizens of Bitola . We former network to be an integral part of the project , ie to use all existing resources . The project will have the desired dynamics as jointly predict potential problems and solve them . This project will have a positive financial and environmental effects , because citizens will get cheap heat and will protect the environment and said Taleski .

At a joint press conference of heads of ELEM and Bitola was confirmed that thermal energy can be used by residents of municipalities Pelagonian mound and Novaci and especially farmers who opt for greenhouse production .

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk