Macedonia: Wind farm Bogdanci delivered 31 KWH of electricity

, SEE Energy News

Nearly one-third of the planned annual production of electricity is obtained in wind farm Bogdanci, which is still in the testing phase. It is expected that, depending on the weather conditions,this capacity delivers about 100 million kWh of electricity annually, which is an amount sufficient to cover the annual electricity needs in the city of 60,000 people, and from April when propeller of 16 windmills havebegunto rotate, it produces 31 million kWh.

Wind farmis still in the phase of testing overall equipment the turbineperformance; but in parallel with this process, which takes several months, this system has delivered electricity that is sold to the local power system for the needs of the Macedonian consumers.

This capacity with an installed capacity of 36, 8 MV, namely as a hydropower plant “Sveta Petka” has, and besides it will produce one-third more power than her.

There are 16 windmills 80 meters high on a hill Ranavec in Bogdanci and with propeller diameterof 93 meters. They have13-19 rainfall per minute, and daily electricityproduction will depend on the wind speed, which is different at the height of 80 meters from the one at the windmill foot. Namely, if at the bottom there is quite a bit of wind, at the height it is 15 kilometers per hour.

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