Macedonia:Siemens Denmark-Greece consortium delivers wind Turbines for ELEM wind park

, SEE Energy News

Wind turbines that by the end of the year or in early 2014 will be installed in Bogdanci annually will supply about 15,000 households, that is about 60 thousand people. It is anticipated that the wind park has 16 wind turbines and will produce a minimum of 100 GWh, which is 2% of the current annual production.

Construction of the command building, road and power station is being finalized, at which the wind park will be connected. The equipment will be delivered by the Danish-Greek consortium Siemens Wind from Denmark and Siemens AS from Greece.

This is a turbine, which will have an installed power of 2.3 MW individually. Tower height is 84 meters, elise diameter is 93 meters, and the total installed capacity will reach 36.8 MW.

Financial structure of wind park is 55.5 million. Most of the money will provide the KfW bank. The funds from the German bank amount 48 million euros, and 7.6 million euros the state company Elektrani na Makedonija (ELEM) will provide of their own funds.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/ELEM

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