Montenegro: Brussels warns Montenegro to pay back stolen electricity from EU grid

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Brussels Committee for Operation Management and Confidence of energy system work and European Network of Operators have asked from Montenegro TSO company CGES and Montenegro government to urgently return electricity that Aluminum Combine KAP has taken over illegally from European Interconnection since 22 February until 23 May.

If KAP does not find a supplier, Europeans are demanding from state authorities to forbid work of this company. Brussels has threatened to Montenegro with turnoff from electricity network if energy companies and state does not respect that.

CGES will know precise conclusions today i.e. which amount we are talking about. They will go public with an announcement afterwards.

Montenegro power utility company Elektroprivreda Crne Gore EPCG, partially owned by Italian A2A company, has terminated electricity supply to KAP because of the debt of 44 million EUR and it has informed CGES at the end of February that it cannot provide 84 MW of electricity for needs of Podgorica’s factory daily.

CGES has warned KAP that it can find a supplier until 13 June. Otherwise, it will be turned off from the network.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Montenegro News