Montenegro, Coal for TPP Pljevlja should increase to 27 euros per ton

, SEE Energy News

The Pljevlja coal mine has given up on increasing the price of coal for households, while it expects that the price of coal delivered to the thermal power plant will be corrected soon.

At the initiative of President Dusan Janjusevic, the Board of Directors adopted a conclusion which returns coal prices for Pljevlja households to the level before the price increase, in the conditions of higher prices of basic foodstuffs and rising inflation.

The executive director of the mine, Milan Lekić, recently said that the prices increased due to the growth of fuel prices and other inputs on the basis of which prices are formed. He added that the mine spends six to seven million euros a year on oil.

The retail price of piece coal from April 1 was 73.1 euros, cubes 74.08 and fine coal 73.02 euros.

According to the decision of the Board of Directors, coal will be delivered to the citizens again at the price of 63 euros per ton. Elektroprivreda, which is the 100% owner of the Coal Mine, has so far paid 24 euros per tonne for coal.

The mine expects that the price of coal for the Pljevlja thermal power plant will increase by about 3 euros per ton. The meeting at which that decision should be made will be held on Wednesday. The thermal power plant is the largest consumer of coal and the mine supplies over 95% of the coal mined in the surface mine Potrlica.

The coal mine recently signed an agreement with the Electric Power Industry of Serbia on the delivery of coal with a lower calorific value at a price that will not be less than the price at which much better quality coal is delivered to the Pljevlja thermal power plant. It has been agreed that the Montenegrin mine will deliver about 300,000 tons of coal to EPS by the end of the year, with a tendency to increase that amount in the future.


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