Montenegro concerned about the proposed SHPPs construction in Albania

, SEE Energy News

The Montenegrin Government has requested the information from the Government of neighboring Albania regarding the claims that the construction of small hydropower plants (SHPP) is planned in Albania, which could affect the water course of the Cijevna river in Montenegro.

The statement from the Government said that the information was requested in order to provide comprehensive analysis based on which the potential impact of the planned facilities on the flow and water potential of the Cijevna river in Montenegro could be assessed.

However, the Albanian Government claim that the planned construction of several SHPPs will not affect the flow of the river in Montenegro, thus there was no need to contact Montenegrin authorities prior to the decision to build these facilities. The Albanian Government added that if it is proven that any of these projects would affect the flow of the river in Montenegro, in accordance with international conventions on transboundary waters, it would require the approval of relevant Montenegrin authorities prior to construction permit issuance.

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