Montenegro, Country leads Europe in wind energy production on Sunday

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On Sunday, Montenegro was at the top of the list of European countries in terms of the percentage of energy received from wind farms, according to On April 17, two Montenegrin wind farms, Mozura and Krnovo, covered 45% of the country’s total electricity needs.

WindEurope is the association for wind energy in Europe, whose members are the national associations for wind energy in all European countries. Data on the participation of wind energy in the total production of electricity in individual countries are published daily on the association’s website.

Montenegro currently has a 72 MW wind farm in the electricity system, with an installed capacity of 72 MW, and a Mozura wind farm with a capacity of 46 MW. They will soon be joined by the Gvozd wind farm, with an estimated installed capacity of 54 MW, while the 100 MW WPP Braići is also planned.

Given the favorable climatic conditions and significant intensities of sun and wind, it is clear that in the future, by investing in solar and wind, Montenegro could very quickly transform its electricity industry and relatively painlessly realize the European goal of decarbonisation.

From May 24 to June 2, 2019, Montenegro produced enough energy from renewable sources for the first time to meet all needs, thus joining a small number of countries that can boast of producing all the necessary energy from domestic renewable energy sources.

In that period, in which TPP Pljevlja was out of operation, about 82 million KWh of energy was produced and about 75 million KWh were consumed.

Europe has installed 17 GW of new wind capacity in 2021, of which 14 GW has been installed in European Union countries. Four-fifths of the total number of wind farms are installed on land.

Wind accounted for 16% of the electricity consumed in the European Union in 2021, and the total capacity of wind farms in Europe is now estimated at around 235 GW.


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