Montenegro, Country to increase wind and solar shares in its energy mix

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Montenegrin Ministry of Capital Investments plans to launch a comprehensive program related to increasing the shares of wind and solar power in the energy mix, in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

According to the statement from the Ministry, the program will include a revision of the current legislation in order to clarify the framework for competitive production of electricity from renewable sources and the appropriate support mechanism, as well as the design and implementation of auctions for RES capacities.

The competitive bidding process, through which support will be provided via the market-based scheme, will enable the addition of new RES capacities at competitive prices, while at the same time achieving market integration goals, all in accordance with the obligations arising from membership in the Energy Community. This will enable Montenegro to further utilize its wind and solar potential, thus encouraging the use of green energy in a sustainable and diversified energy sector.

The new Law on Renewable Energy Sources will be drafted as part of the task, with the aim of promoting greater use of energy from renewable sources. The new Law will also specify the transition mechanisms that will be in force until the establishment of the day-ahead market in Montenegro.