Montenegro: Deripaska does not want to return electricity to EU network, government in sensitive situation

20. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

Russian owner of Aluminum Combine in Podgorica (KAP) refuses to indemnify EU electricity network and to return electricity that KAP has illegally used for months.

Citizens may pay 8 million for electricity debt to EU electricity network and exclusion from EU network is threatening to Montenegro if it does not return electricity.

Committee for Operational Managing and Work Reliability has ordered over Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System (CGES) that KAP needs to return illegally taken electricity.

CGES indicated that KAP supposes to buy and return electricity and it warns KAP that it will be excluded from the network if it does not find a regular electricity supplier during next three weeks.

KAP has been using electricity illegally for months and Government is looking for way to solve this problem of electricity supply to the factory which is in big financial crisis permanently.

KAP’s debts are estimated to be over 350 million EUR and only a debt to Montenegro energy company is more than 3,5 million.

Source;MINA/Serbia Energy See desk

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