Montenegro: Electrical power industry of Montenegro (EPCG) invests 16 million of euros in network

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Till 2014th EPCG will invest 16 million of euros in primary distribution network, trying to improve quality and reliability of supply with electricity.

Director of Functional unit Distribucija Ranko Radulovic says that this sum includs construction of 10 new substation with power of 35/10 kV. Five of them will be put into operations by the end of this year.

These are substation Bistrica in niksic, Baosici in Herceg Novi, Skaljari u Kotoru, Rozino u Budvi, and Podgorica 5 in Capital, with power of 110/10 kV. Substation Podgorica 4 will be reconstructed, says Radulovic.

According to him, the expected effects of this investments are the increasing of capacities, with the aim to include new consumers, achievement of technical standards and improving of voltage and reliability and security of supply with electricity, and reducing the time without voltage for customers.

Having in mind that losses are covered by import, it is clear that this is serious problem. Because of this, technical and commercial problems should be kept to a minimum, which is priority of all employes in distribucija, says Radulovic.

He says that the absolute priority in next period is to complete numerous and important projects, that are started to improve distribution network, in which it was not invested enough.

Beside that, there will be some other projects, with the aim to improve performances of distribution network, which means to improve security and reliability of supply with electricity by reducing the number of fail in supply, and in order to include new customers.

This is primarily related to implementation of  remote control of distribution network and construction of new or complete reconstruction of existing facilities, says Radulovic.

He adds that the first priorities are construction of new substation in Kolasin (35/10kV), Danilovgrad, Bar, Velje Brdo and Vranjina in Podgorica. Reconstruction of substation Podgorica 4 is also planned, as well as a replacement of wire rope on the transmission line Virpazar on Gornja Zeta on crossing over the Skadarsko lake, and increasing the transmission power of the transmission line, which is significant contribution to the consumption of electricity from the direction  110/35 kv substation Virpazar.

This project is interesting because, for the first time in the region, new technological solution-conductors for overhead lines,will be applied. Documentation is done, at the moment, audit is being done, and we expect that realisation will take a part during the next year, says Radulovic.

He says that the project of grounding of neutral point 35 and 10kV is very important, because of some legal requirements and because of  reducing the number of failures and the goal to achieve conditions for safety on grounding of substations 10/0, 4 kV.

If all goes according to plan, till the end of next year, transmission line Cetinje-Rijeka Crnojevica-Podgorica 35kV will be finished, trying not just to improve the supply with electricity of water source Podgorica that supply with water Cetinje and Budva, but also because more reliable and more quality supply of consumers on the Rijeka Crnojevica area.

Section between Podgor and Ljubotinje has already been put into operations, because of supply of local residents, announces Radulovic.

Works are continued, and it is expected that in following days first section will be completed, which will bring the opportunity for supply of substation Rijeka Crnojevica 35/10kV, from the direction of Virpazar, which would create conditions for continuation of work on the section between Cetinje and Rijeka Crnojevica.

According to Radulovic, Low on Public Procurements is a significant constraint for realization of plans, in terms of adherence to procedures, resolving appeals and complaints and court proceedings that last for a long time, sometimes for several years.

Our sector is such that we have to react quickly and efficiency, especially in the case of extreme conditions, that we had last winter, says Radulovic.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine