Montenegro: Electricity for Montenegrin households increases by 1-2%

, SEE Energy News

The electricity price for households will probably increase about one to two percent from August 1st.

The energy regulatory agency RAE has approved the new decisions on corrections of energy companies’ revenues and the prices that will be in effect from August this year to that month next year.

The initial announcement was that the price would increase 5.7 percent, and recently RAE has officially announced that it would not be so.

The power companies estimate that approved changes will cause a price increase to one percent, in the worst case, up to two percent.

This would mean that households will pay about 8.4 cents for kilowatt-hour of electricity, namely 9.99 cents including VAT, instead of the current 8.32 or 9.9 cents.

If came to a growth of two percent, they would pay 8.48 cents or 10.09 with VAT.

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