Montenegro Energy company electricity production report 2012, production less than planned

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Montenegrin hydro power plants, despite good preparation, routine maintenance and timely reconstruction, produced in the first nine months of this year produced 18 percent less electricity than the amount determined by the balance for the period, announced the Electric Power Industry of Montenegro (EPIM).

Chief Operating Director of EPIM, Zoran Djukanovic, said that in the first nine months hydro power plant (HPP) Perućica produced 20 percent less electricity less than the planned amount, and HPP Piva 16 percent less.

“This situation creates serious problems in the company, despite the fact that the thermal power plant (TPP) Pljevlja exceeded the production plan for this period for 11 percent, confirming their good operational efficiency and reliability after a two-month overhaul mid-year”, Djukanovic said for “Elektroprivreda”.

According to him, it is good that the Aluminum Plant Podgorica (APP) reduced its consumption to 84 megawatt hours (MWh), because it puts the relation between production and consumption in balance and makes the functioning of the entire power system much more stable.

Djukanovic said that, despite the extremely unfavorable hydrological situation, for the time being there was no import of additional electricity.

»Import is currently at the level of the annual contracted amount, and we hope it will remain so in the last quarter of this year, because a period of abundant rainfall is expected. After all, every year during the last quarter, as a rule, hydrological situation gets stabilized, and we hope that it will happen this time too” said Djukanovic.

This, he said, is vital to the company’s business, because it is well known that hydropower facilities produce significantly cheaper electricity.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine