Montenegro, EPCG will start the ecological reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja at the end of April

, SEE Energy News

Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG) announced that everything is ready for the ecological reconstruction of the Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant and announced the official start of work for the end of April.

Although preparations for the environmental reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja officially began in January 2018, at one point it was uncertain whether this thermal power plant would be modernized to extend its service life or cease to operate. The contract with the contractor, worth 54 million euros, was signed with the consortium DEC International-Bemax-BB Solar-Permonte in June 2020.

Earthworks on the ecological reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja will begin on April 11, and the official one on April 27, announced Nikola Rovčanin, the executive director of EPCG, the Mina agency reported.

Rovcanin explained that the previous contract on ecological reconstruction was changed, which cost this company an additional 15 million euros, and a contractor was chosen.

He reminded that TPP Pljevlja spent the approved 20,000 working hours in the opt-out regime for the implementation of the EU Directive on large fireplaces, so the Secretariat of the Energy Community initiated a dispute against Montenegro.

EPCG expects a positive outcome, because it has taken all possible measures and steps in terms of environmental reconstruction and meeting EU standards for nitrogen, sulfur, powder and TPP efficiency above 30 percent, Rovcanin said at a roundtable on the implications of EU policies and market developments. to Montenegro, organized by the NGO Eco-team.

It should be reminded that the members of the Energy Community of BiH, Montenegro and Serbia have accepted the opt-out mechanism as a way to fulfill the obligation to implement the EU Directive on Large Fireplaces, which aims to reduce air pollution and harmful emissions. The mechanism offers additional time to the owners of thermal power plants to modernize them in accordance with EU standards or to prepare for their shutdown.

TPP Pljevlja, one of the five thermal power plants in this regime, used the limit at the end of 2020, and it was not modernized, so it should have been closed, which did not happen. TPP Pljevlja provides 40% of Montenegro’s electricity production.