Montenegro exclusive: The new Government Strategy, The Large power plants on the Moraca and Komarnica Rivers

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All investigations for hydropower plant (HPP) on the Moraca River are completed; the preliminary design and construction could begin as soon as they find a suitable offer. If the government wants to restore the tender process, the documentation is done and the procedure can begin immediately, according to the proposal of the Energy Development Strategy of Montenegro by 2030th, which the government adopted yesterday.

The Ministry of Economy has worked on theWhite Book and it represents the Strategycomplement, which has not been fulfilled, and it was predicted until 2025th. It is stated that “the project of HPPMoraca still is not best researched and documented” and that he could first of all enter the power system in comparison to other large HPPs,”but really it could not be achieved before 2021st”.

They point out that the technical solutionfor hydro potential use of the Komarnica Riveris developed, which provides the construction of great HPPs. The estimated construction costsare approximately 183 MEUR, a proposed option that would avoid flooding of canyon Nevidio. It would be built seven years.

In the Strategy states that Montenegro is committed to an active policy in the field of electrical engineering and co-operation with the region in terms of its production and exchange, and the goal is to become an electricityexporter after 2020th.

This is supported by the intention of building another thermal power plant in Pljevlje but the strategy also lists a number of negative consequences of its construction and opening of mine Mioce.

“If we consider only the basic elements of coalburning, which releases large amounts of greenhouse gases and dust, disposal of significant quantities of ash and slag disposal of millions of tons of waste rock and other supporting elements, it may be noted that this type of planned production affects all environmentalsegments and human health, including land, air, water, environmental degradation, noise, flora, fauna”,says the strategy.

Also the non-governmental organization CEE Bankwatch Networkhas recently pointed to the negative influence, whose representatives have recommended the ambitionreducing when it comes to plans for the predicted construction of new energy facilities, in order to avoid adverse effects on the environment, but also on the entire economy.

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