Montenegro: First floating solar power plant in plan

, SEE Energy News

In the lake Slano in western part of Montenegro state-owned power utility EPCG plans to build a floating solar power plant, which would be the first such facility in the country.

CEO of EPCG Nikola Rovcanin said that the deployment of the plant will not raise any legal dispute as it will be located on a water surface owned by EPCG (Slano is artificial lake made for the purpose of using hydropower for electricity generation) and will not consume agricultural land. He added that some Danish companies are interested in developing the project, without providing any further details.

Numerous studies confirm that floating solar power plants are 12.5 % more efficient than those on rooftops and on the ground, as the reflection of solar rays is much higher on photovoltaic modules placed on the water surface than those on land.

EPCG is currently developing a project for 100 MW solar power plant Briska Gora in cooperation with Finish Fortum, which is the first large-scale solar project in the country.