Montenegro, For the second phase of reconstruction and modernization of HPP Perucica EUR 29.4 million

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EUR 29.4 million will be invested in the reconstruction and modernization of the Perućica hydropower plant, and the contract was signed today by representatives of the Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) and Voith Hydro.
As announced, the contract on the realization of the second phase of this project was signed by EPCG Executive Director Nikola Rovčanin, member of the Board of Directors and regional representative of Voith Hydro, Reyhold Šnajder and Predrag Krunić.
The contract provides for the reconstruction and modernization of hydromechanical and electrical equipment on units A5, A6 and A7.
– This will enable optimal management of the power plant and water potential in real time, as well as planning and optimization of the power plant’s operation. The main goal is to extend the operational life and ensure high operational readiness of aggregates and facilities of that hydropower system, improve environmental protection, reduce the risk of breakdowns and optimize exploitation and maintenance costs – it was reported from Elektroprivreda.

President of the Board of Directors of EPCG Milutin Đukanović said that the goal of EPCG is to create new values ​​and modernize the energy sector through new investments.

– HPP Perućica is our oldest plant, and after reconstruction and modernization, it will practically be the youngest. We will continue to act in the direction of developing a business philosophy that, in addition to investing in existing ones, also includes the construction of new production facilities, based on the principle of “produce where you spend”. As you know – our motto is “EPCG works!” Our effort to modernize the energy sector through investment is based on this background – said Đukanović.

The executive director of EPCG Nikola Rovčanin emphasized the importance of this project in light of the energy transition, in which the construction of new and reconstruction and modernization of existing facilities are one of the key factors.

– EPCG has started a new investment cycle that envisages the diversification of electricity production, with a continuous increase in the participation of RES. In 2023, we also expect to sign a new arrangement with the German Development Bank for the installation of the eighth unit in HPP Perućica with a capacity of 58.5 MW and a total value of up to EUR 30 million, which will increase the installed capacity and total of power plant production – said Rovčanin.

Member of the Board of Directors of Voith Hydro Reinhold Schneider said that the Perućica HPP will be able to develop its production in the coming decades without any difficulties.

– The first deliveries to this region were several decades ago, and we are very proud of the fact that we have been cooperating with countries from this region for so long, where Montenegro truly has a special place. This reconstruction and modernization represents a strengthening of the partnership and perfectly corresponds with the business philosophy that we have been developing since the foundation – Schneider pointed out.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the German Development Bank (KfW), and the investment is worth EUR 29,434,088.

The Head of the Office of the German Development Bank in Podgorica (KfW), Željko Uljarević, pointed out that this financial institution continues its successful cooperation with EPCG.

– We are very satisfied with the fact that, with this project, the partnership with EPCG, established already in 2000, continues. The cooperation so far has been very successful and there is no reason not to continue, especially since, including the contract for the A8 unit, which we expect to be signed in the next year, the value of all cooperation models exceeds 100 million euros. This confirms not only the disposition of our parties to act together, to mutual satisfaction, but also the readiness of FR Germany to recognize the importance of energy development in Montenegro – said Uljarević.

The signing ceremony of the contract was attended by the ambassadors of Germany and Austria, Peter Felten and Karl Miller with their associates, which especially confirms the importance of this project, especially since the mentioned countries provide continuous support for the modernization and development of the energy sector in our country.

Works as part of the reconstruction and modernization of HPP Perućica are divided into 18 groups and will be carried out in the period from 2023 to 2027, eKapija reports.