Montenegro, Launch of the day-ahead market postponed to April

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The launch of the day-ahead market within the Montenegrin Electricity Exchange (BELEN or MEPX) has been postponed until April 2023, when a more favorable ratio of supply and demand is expected. Earlier, the start of the work of the Albanian Energy Exchange – ALPEX was postponed.

The Montenegrin Electricity Exchange (BELEN) has started testing the system and promoting membership, said technical director Dejan Drašković. This company, also known by the English acronym MEPX, was supposed to start trading in Montenegro before the end of this year by introducing the day-ahead market. However, the launch was delayed, among other reasons, due to the energy crisis.

After consultation with the main market maker, it was decided that April would be the date for go-live, given that it is a month when traditionally the need for energy in households is significantly lower, while quite large inflows are expected due to rains and melting snow, and therefore it is expected a larger volume of energy for the market that could be placed on our stock exchange, explained Drašković.

The clearing system has already been established, in cooperation with BSP SouthPool

BELEN’s technical director revealed that no additional moves are expected. The implementation with the European Stock Exchange EPEX SPOT is being completed according to plan, and the complete clearing system has already been implemented in cooperation with BSP SouthPool.

It should be mentioned that the Albanian Stock Exchange ALPEX also scheduled the introduction of the market one day in advance for November 23, but in the end announced that it had only started training participants. The goal is for everyone to understand how the process works and for the startup to go through safely, the release said.