Montenegro: Low interest of electricity traders for households power supply contracts

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All households in Montenegro should choose the company from which will buy electricity from January 1st. The legal rights for that have been met; everything is ready, said Deputy Director of the Montenegrin Electricity Market Operator Vojslav Srdanovic. The problem is, if none of the supplier reports by the end of the year, people will have any other option except Electric Power Industry.

Vojislav Srdanovic says that citizens would gain the opportunity prescribed by law to choose a supplier from January 1st, 2015th.

-That means they will be able to choose a supplier if someone appears as participant in the electricity market in Montenegro. Normally this means that previously had to pass a procedure prescribed by law and acts of the Regulatory Energy Agency to obtain a license for the supply and as such to be registered on the market, explains Srdanovic.

This would mean that anyone who gets that license can buy or produce electricity and sell it to Montenegrin citizens, and that not only a public supplier the Electric Power Industry will have monopoly.

No one, however, applied for the supplier so far. Srdanovic notes, however, that the chances are great that there will be any interested not even by the end of the year. Therefore, he says, the legislator, for the potential suppliers, predicted two years of the transition period from January 1, but 2016th.

-We hope that during the two year of the transitional period, however, someone will show some interest and thus materialize the interest in what the Law allowed. It is good when there is a competition on the market, it is automatically better when people can choose, concluded Srdanovic.

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