Montenegro: New power gen facility needed, Chinese-Czech competition for TPP Pljevlja construction

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It is the end time for Montenegro for new source of electricity, and the most realistic and closest to achieve this goal is the second unit of Thermal power plant (TPP) Pljevlja, said the former president of the Board of Electric Enterprise (EPCG), Krunoslav Vukcevic.

Vukcevic who also was a Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister said that the construction of the second block of TPP Pljevlja doubtless was a good project that would contribute to the energy security of Montenegro.

“I still prefer the construction of power plants based on renewable resources because Montenegro renewable resources are huge and they need to be managed rationally and responsibly”, said Vukcevic for newspaper “Electric Power Industry”.

In the race for the construction of the second unit of TPP Pljevlja remained Czech Skoda Praha, Powerchina Hubei Electric Power Survey & Design Institute and China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC).

He believes that the level of indebtedness, concession and similar forms of financing should be in the forefront.

“In particular, I support the construction of hydropower plants, large and small, as well as the utilization of solar energy, biogas, wind”, said Vukcevic.

At the question how does he now look at the problems EPCG faces with, and which were present when he was in responsible positions in the company, such as losses and difficult collection of bills for delivered electricity, Vukcevic replied that also then they had a lot of problems in the collection of receivables, even of large business customers, although at that time the electricity price was far from the economical one.

.”Fulfilling the obligations to EPCG, despite such a low price, it was a common practice. Therefore we were forced to exclude even large enterprises and solve claims in court, with all due respect to consumers’ financial problems “, explained Vukcevic.