Montenegro: Overhaul of HPP Perucica completed

, SEE Energy News

Montenegrin power utility EPCG announced that it has completed regular overhaul of its hydropower plant Perucica.

According to the statement from the company, filling of the accumulation with water will be completed on 1 September, after which the plant will be put back into operation. The regular annual overhaul of HPP Perucica started on 31 July. As a part of this year’s overhaul of HPP Perucica regular maintenance works were performed on the plant itself and adjacent facilities, as well as on the plant’s water supply system.

HPP Perucica is the oldest hydropower plant in Montenegro, commissioned in 1960. Its installed capacity is 307 MW and its potential annual electricity generation is about 1,300 GWh. In 2015, HPP Perucica achieved production of 783.36 GWh of electricity.