Montenegro: Power utility decreases network electricity losses

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The total annual loss of electricity in the power system of the Montenegrin Electric Power Industry have been reduced in recent years from 22.5 percent, how much stood in 2009th at 16.7 percent last year.

Representatives of EPCG announced that the Energy Regulatory Agency RAE, when setting regulatory revenue and electricity price for the current regulatory period, which lasts until July 31st, approved the losses in the distribution system of nine percent.

“Losses over nine percent are solely the cost of EPCG and do not remit to the accounts of citizens”, said representatives of the power companies to the agency Mina-business.

They add that in EPCG expect that in the future will get the study of losses, which for the company needs does the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica. EPCG, as recalled its representatives, began the project of improving the measurement system in the distribution in December 2011th, within which it is built around 165.5 thousand of new multifunctional counters.

“This modern technology of remote measurement now embraces about 43 percent of Montenegrin consumption, and thanks to that investment losses in certain transformer regions have been reduced several times, and at the level of European standards”, said the representatives of EPCG.

They add that the first phase would cost more than 40 MEUR. EPCG began implementation of the second phase of the modernization project of measuring the electricity consumption on March 1st, worth 36 MEUR, within which will be built additional 80,000 new multi-purpose counters over the next two years.

“The meters installation also includes reconstruction of the existing network or the replacement of wooden poles with concrete and installation of self-supporting cable bundle, which significantly improves power quality and reduce losses”, said the representatives of EPCG.

The value of the first and second phases of the project, which the Europe Bank for Reconstruction and Development assessed as one of the best in the region of Southeast Europe, is around 80 MEUR.

EPCG, as stated by its representatives, has invested tens of millions of EUR in the construction of distribution facilities and networks in several Montenegrin municipalities over the last few years, in order to ensure stability of the power system and reduce losses.

EPCG annually allocates significant funds for regular maintenance of about four thousand substations and over 20,000 kilometers overhead and cable lines.

“In the future we will realize a number of investment projects in the distribution, in order to further increase the quality of delivered electricity, reduce leakage, and the creation of infrastructure capacity for connection of new consumers”, announced in EPCG.

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