Montenegro, Price of coal for TPP Pljevlja should rise

, SEE Energy News

Pljevlja coalmine has decided not to increase the retail price of coal supplied to households, but it expects that the price of coal supplied to thermal power plant Pljevlja will soon be increased.

According to the decision of the Board of Directors, the price of coal supplied to households will remain 63 euros per ton. However, the price of coal supplied to power utility EPCG, which is the sole owner of Pljevlja coalmine, will increase from 24 to 27 euros per ton.

About 95 % of coal excavated at the mine is supplied to TPP Pljevlja.

In early April, Serbian state-owned power utility EPS and Pljevlja coalmine has agreed on the supply of 300,000 tons of coal for the Serbian company in 2022. CEO of Pljevlja coalmine Milan Lekic said that the calorific value of the coal that will be supplied to EPS is between 7,500 and 8,000 kJ/kg, which is inside the range of lower quality coal.

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