Montenegro: TPP Pljevlja taken offline for scheduled maintenance

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Montenegrin coal-fired thermal power plant Pljevlja has been taken offline for scheduled annual maintenance, which should last from 18 April until 2 June.

Power utility EPCG said that this year’s overhaul plan includes maintenance of the boiler plant, replacement of a part of the boiler’s screen tubes, repair of damaged air heaters, overhaul of milling plants and equipment in the engine room, as well as revision of all valves and dampers, maintenance and testing of electrical equipment. The current version of the control system will also be updated. In total, the cost of maintenance works will be around 3.1 million euros.

EPCG Director for Energy Management Darko Krivokapic said that, thanks to good hydrological conditions in this part of the year, regardless of slightly lower rainfall averages in March and the first half of April, the power plant’s shutdown will not affect electricity supply in Montenegro.

Reservoir of HPP Perucica is at balance level, while the reservoir of HPP Piva currently has the potential to produce almost 100 GWh more electricity than planned. This should be enough to cover consumption needs mainly from own sources, without significant electricity imports.

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