New procurement regulation in Serbia will increase competition in energy sector of Serbia

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The changes in procurement law of  Serbia should be adopted by end of this year, stated state secretary in Ministry of Finance Mr.Goran Radosavljevic. Considering the fact that energy sector of Serbia has significantly high procurement and investment amounts new regulation will ease the procedures and open the door for wide competition in Serbian energy sector.

Upon forming of new government once of the major topics is that this law draft, which is now in the assembly, returns to government estimation and to be adopted by end of this year, stated Radosavljevic.

Radosavljevic stated that despite the EU recommendation to halt the new law, until new EU directive on public procurement is adopted, Serbia cant wait for this.

Knowing the negotiation procedure within EU and fact that not all members are in concordance with new EU procurement directive there is a big chance that this new regulation will not be adopted not even beginning of next year. Serbia cant wait to see what will happen in EU, and then to change the national law.

He added that bigger transparency of public procurement is required and that all data are published on internet, and finally to enhance the penalty system to higher level.

Director of Public Procurement Directorate of Serbia Pregrad Jovanovic stated that public procurement have large significance in EU with 18% of GDP and represent important instrument for achieving strategic goals from Europe 2012 document.

The value of all public procurement in Serbia last year was app.293 MEUR, and in 2010 value was 273MEUR.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine