News from the OPM Field “D”, Several complex jobs currently underway

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Return of the mining machinery to the Vreoci area has started couple of months ago, but we are still working intensively on creating conditions for faster removal of the overburden that covers the coal blocks, so the excavation and delivery of the enough quantities of high quality lignite could start. Elaborating on the state of the OPM and the steps to ensue, Mr. Dejan Milijanović, the Director of the Field “D“, told us recently:

– The second ECS system excavates the first bench of the overburden in Volujak, and there are no difficulties there for the time being. The first “A“ ECS system has operated on the second bench for couple of months; it will not leave the location in the future,however, it will operate with two bench transporters.  The fourth ECS system was moved to the Vreoci area in early May, after it had finished the work on the southern slope of the Field. It has operated on the third bench of overburden for two months already.

Ongoing activities include intensive operations on completing the new third ECS system that is going to take part in the overburden excavations at the fourth bench in the Vreoci area.

In order to make the system complete, more than 25 tons of equipment is going to be deployed here from the OPM Ćirikovac (two drive station and one slewing station, about 2 km of rails, rubber belts, pontoons and other relevant parts and materials). All dismantling and mounting jobs involving the parts transported from Kostolac to Lazarevacare performed by the teams of professionals from Field “D“, while the unit “Auxiliary Machinery” takes care about the parts transport.

This job is performed pursuant to the decision of managementsof the EPS and “Kolubara“to form one more (the new third ECS system) overburden system in this OPM to accelerate overburden excavation in Vreoci.

TheFifthECS system operating on the Southern slope, out of the central OPM zone, shall remain there and shall keep opening the new coal blocks on the site.

To perform General Overhaul, the Excavator Belt conveyor Separation coal line was stopped as planned.The break in production helped to complete reconstruction of the part of the system that administratively belongs to the Field “D“.

The aim of this action was to renew coal excavation in the central part of the Field “D”, after the conditions for it are met, where about four million tons of lignite has been excavated until now, and we are in a hurry to prepare for excavation another two million tons of lignite until the beginning of winter.

The investment repair on the ECL coal system has been successfully finished recently. Due to the modernization of the electronic equipment on the excavator “Glodar 7” it lasted a bit longer and has been completed after 35 days. After the necessary checks that followed, the system became a part of the production process.

–   One of the toughest tasks – stressesMr. Milijanović –was the transport of of the fourth ECS system equipment from the southern slope to Volujak. At first, transport routes were prepared and then, BWE travelled to the new location by moving 6.5 km, while the new location (to which Mobile Transfer Conveyorwas moved) is five kilometers away from the old site. Besides the excavator and MTC,majority of belt conveyors and drive stations was also relocated to the new positions.

All the projects for the new disposition and transport of the machinery, were developed and implemented by employees of the Field “D” with the help of “Auxiliary Machinery”. This job was realized by undermanned personnel, for which the director Milijanović is especially grateful to the employees that performed all jobs well and on schedule.

– It is important to point out that despite numerousdowntimes and “extensive relocation” of the machinery, during the first six months of this year, the great production result was achieved, much better than planned. It was produced 4.2 million tons of lignite (25 percent more than planned) and about 12.5 million cubic meters of overburden, or 15 % more than planned.

М. Tadić

 Overhaul of the BWE“Glodar 7”

The overhaul of the “Glodar 7” at the Field “D” of MB “Kolubara” was finished, as planned, on July 10th, and the BWE a.k.a. “Plava ptica” (Blue bird), got back to the production process, three days after the Function tests. The last week’s finish of the overhaul of the one of the most powerful machines meant the end of all scheduled investment repairs of the “Kolubara” coal systems for this year.

According to Mr. Branko Bojičić, the deputy executive director of the profit center for electromechanical repair on site, who was responsible for the repair of the excavator “Blue bird“ as a representative of the contracting company “Metal“, all the deadlines for the realization of this huge job were fully met.

– This year, it was installed the frequency regulation system at the bucket wheel of the excavator “Blue bird 7”, by which the change in operation speed and better adjustment to the material being excavated is made possible. It also contributed to the modernization of the machine operation – said Mr. Bojičić.

Introducing the new innovation together with the regular repairs of other excavators and complete supporting equipment, which were performed in the last few months,is going to ensure reliable operation of the system and uninterrupted coal production in the upcoming period.

А. P.

Source; RBK