No giving up, just delays, Mr.Čedomir Ponoćko, the Director of the company TPPNT (PD TENT), discussing the prospects for the development

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Due to extremely difficult financial situation in EPS, all planned projects will been implemented by 2017. – In this year, the revitalization of the TPPNT B2 and preparations for the desulfurization project are partially continued.  – For the execution of the production plan in 2013, the quality staff and the systems safety are the guarantee.

Power Plant viewed from this side

We have mentioned to the Director Ponoćko that we have met him at the meetings while his was the director of the then „Elektroistok“, that we know that, before that, he was the director of the „Elektroistok “operation unit „Novi Sad“, and that, afterwards he headed the development sector of the transmission network, in the then EPS’s company, but we didn’t know where he was during the last ten years.

– I was the last director of “Elektroistok”. During that term, the new Law on Energy was passed. “Elektroistok” and EPS Department for power system management formed the company PE “Elektromreža”, and I set off into the world. I have been working in Germany, China, Japan… At every place, I have worked as electrical engineer in the transmission system. I’m here, now, in the production and I have the opportunity to listen to the machines from this side.  On the transmission, power plant operation is monitored from the other side; they give the command and control is done by using the power units as both most delicate and the most powerful instruments – said Ponoćko.

In an authorized biography, our interlocutor would, with no doubt, have listed a huge number of papers, licenses, participations in implementation of big projects, but for the purposes of this paper, we consider that it is sufficient that, above all, we should mention his response to our last question, and now, we feel that this response most faithfully describes Čedomir Ponoćko, as a man, the expert and the director. We have asked him: what gives the security that the TPPNT will produce almost 20 billion kilowatt-hours this year: stability of the system or the quality staff and all employees?

-Number one is staff, starting from the craftsman and engineers in production, up to the company’s management. Fortunately, TPPNT has had the opportunity for decades to select and create the quality staff. The experts, quality, healthy and smart people work here, and they are kept in the key position in the system of EPS by the PE TPPNT.  If you offer the foreigners to work with our financial situation, every each of them would say – no, thank you very much.  And our man is used to work by the rule “nothing will help us, but we will not be racked and ruined”.  I guess that is why we can withstand any crisis. As far as the stability of the production system of TPPNT is concerned, it is such that with no problem it can bring out the planned level of production- said Ponoćko.

We have never asked him about the records breaking  in TPPNT A production since early this year, because they have already been publicly recorded. We were interested in what would happen, regarding the financial crisis, with the projects planned up to 2017, for which 1,1 billion euros is supposed to be  invested; 500 million in the production and 600 million in the environmental protection.

– Originally, great funds were planned. However, now, it turned out that they were not sufficient, so that the most of the planned activities will be postponed. Some of them are postponed for a year, and some for two, even three years. EPS doesn’t have that amount of money optimally necessary for the improvement and development of TPPNT. With the Department for Strategy and Investment, we daily work on making changes to the plan, and  on what we should postpone and for how long. We hope that this new plan will be very soon uncovered said Mr.Ponoćko, and explained that giving up is out of the question, but due to circumstances, they are to be postponed for better times.

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